Event details: Sponsor a child's annual educational fee. Annual fee for per child is Rs.5000/-. We have in all 175 students in our school. You can adopt as many children as possible.

Location: Mumbai

Event details: Booking's for classroom, ground, hall.

Event details: Corpus Donation

Event details: General Donation

Event details: Our girl students need a secure and protective work place. We have started employing girl students as teacher Assistants and we need sponsor's to fund their salaries. The annual salary of per students is Rs. 12,000/-. There are in all 8 female employees.

Location: Mumbai

Event details: Picnic

Location: Mumbai

Event details: Donation for Projects

Event details: Service Charges

Event details: We celebrate all occasions in our school such as Diwali, Christmas, Children Day, Dandiya, Holi etc. by giving snacks, food, and gifts to students. You can help us by sponsoring any of the occasions or all. Total expense for each of the occasion is around Rs.8,000/-.

Location: Mumbai

Event details: 4 of our ex students are working as assistants in Vocational production unit. This year onward we are going to give them the stipend of Rs.500/- each on monthly basis. The total sponsorship required for each student on yearly basis is Rs.6000/- and for 4 students is Rs.24,000/- yearly.

Location: Mumbai

Event details: Vocational Training Center